How to round corners with scalloped scissors

Okay, you caught me, I’ve been paper crafting long before simple corner rounder punches were made for the common market, lol.

In a tutorial, I stated that I used scalloped scissors to round the corner, and one of my readers asked me to show the process. So here you go!

Here you see the edges of the paper go inside the points. This is really tricky, so take your time to get it aligned.
rounding corner

And here is the finished corner.
round corner

Because these scissors have a pattern, I can also align the outer points for a fancy rounded corner. This is slightly less tricky, but you still need to take your time to align the edges.
fancy rounding corner

And here is the fancy rounded corner.
fancy round corner

My conclusion is, while this is less expensive, and rather older technique, the corner rounder punch is so much easier!

3/16 inch corner rounder from Stampin’ Up, only $6.95 — so easy to use!

Creative Coach with Simply Sent Great Day Kit

So often, we follow directions with no variations. I wanted to show that with a little imagination, the Simply Sent Great Day kit could make 8 different cards, using nothing but what comes in the

I promise to be a “creative coach” on my Stampin’ Up page, so let’s take the plunge and do something creative!

This would be a fun workshop! Given the basics – scissors, snail glue, & a simply sent great day kit, we could have so much fun — and it is a project every one could afford! Add a normal hole punch and more possibilities arrive.

 4 different cards from the same Stampin' Up Simply Sent Great Day kit
 another 4 different cards from the same Stampin' Up Simply Sent Great Day kit

And there were enough borders leftover to decorate the envelopes!
And decorated envelopes

ORDER YOUR OWN Stampin’ Up Simply Sent Great Day kit only $12.95

Twashi Body & Dish Scrubbie tutorial

I’ve been really busy selling knitting stuff. Every year in September we get an influx of orders, and lots of college students looking for kits. Packing these orders is an overtime job for us, so I don’t craft very much. But we are back to our regular busy schedule at If you like any project you see on the blog, I will gladly create a workshop for your party or group. And your group can be as large or small as you like!

Here is a project I’ve done.

You’ll notice on the right side the widgets for UStamp with Dawn & Friends, well these are great online projects, Paper Parade had over 50 projects posted for us to create. I remade one for the Twashi Dish or Body scrubbies I love to knit while Mark is driving me somewhere.

Twashi in box

Here are the components:

Tonight I’m going to give you the .pdf for the Twashi. To get the box info, join the Paper Parade, and look for the designer project for Sweet Treats. Or invite me to do a workshop and we can make and stamp the kit together!

cut the card after printing to 8.5 x 6.75 inches, fold in half.

Card to insert in the box — TwashiScrubbie.pdf

Don’t knit? no problem!
Order a hand knitted Twashi from me $25.00, complete with cardstock, DSP, ribbon, stamped elements for you to assemble into the pictured box set.

Uses Stampin’ Up stamp set “Hand Knit” 117012

Survived Earthquake and Hurricane in one week!

Okay, what a couple of weeks!

Mark and I decided to take the “Moms” on vacation with us. Mark’s Mom’s name is Ann, and my Mom is JoAnn. So we would call them Mom Ann and Mom JoAnn, and shortened the description to “The Moms.” They think it is cute, our friends understand it, and when Mark and I discuss things, we say, “The Moms want this or that.”

So the Tuesday of the big quake, guess where we all were? Yep, 100 miles from the epi-center.

We rented two places, downstairs for the Moms because they can’t walk up staircases very well, and we took the upstairs unit. So Mark and the Moms were together downstairs, I was alone upstairs. The floor started rumbling. I’m thinking boy, the Moms put something really heavy in the dryer downstairs, lol. Then I noticed the wall was moving (it ended up swaying about 12 inches twice.) and realized this is an EARTHQUAKE and I ran for the bathroom, but never made it before the quake ended.

I thought this was a great adventure, wow! I survived a quake. Mark looked at me and said, “That’s it, we could have been dead just that quickly . . .” Okay, never looked at it that way, but it sure did make me somber for a day thinking about it.

Then we began packing for home, out running Hurricane Irene. Made it home on Saturday, and pulled all the loose outside stuff in or secured it in place. Survived a HURRICANE yay! didn’t give it a second thought, refused to be somber another day on the shortness of life. Our place had almost no damage, but hundred yards from us the neighbor had ten trees, young and healthy, go down over his driveway. We’ve been out of power and internet since Sunday. Otherwise, we had another adventure.

So I’m back to blogging! I have such great plans for your enjoyment! (That’s what I spent the down time thinking about — how to make this blog more fun for you!)

Subscribe and be prepared to have tons of fun!

sympathy card template

sympathy cards

For me, August is always a hectic month, so much happening, and the days fly by.

I probably make about two to three cards to send out everyday. So my blog should be chock full of fun things, shouldn’t it?

This year I have spent August making sympathy cards. Lots of sympathy cards, and sympathy cards seem to zap my creativity.

Here’s a list of the people who received sympathy cards: for Florence whose sister died; for Pat and Irene who lost a brother/son; for Rick who lost his Dad, for Mike who lost his Dad, for Mike who lost his wife, for Keena who lost a beloved pet cat, for Beth who lost her Mom.

So I don’t feel like blogging, but I should. I think I should tell you about each of these people that mean so much to me, and so forth. However, the feelings don’t feel like sharing. Maybe later . . . I apologize.

I thought I’d give you a template for sympathy cards, ones you can make when you are in this situation.

I usually make a card that is 5 by 7 inches. I choose a subtle patterned paper and stamp butterflies all over it, or in an area of it. This year I’m using Precious Butterflies – Clear-Mount Stamp 122517. There are three sizes of butterfly and I use a different color from the card for each. But I have several stamp sets with butterflies.

I think butterflies are a universal symbol of rebirth, life, and happiness. I love butterflies. I actually prefer the British name, Flutterby. That’s what they really do, flutter by.

I cut a 3 by 5 cardstock of whisper white. Then I cut mats for it once or twice.

First I use two or more gradual shadings of blue, to sponge clouds on the card. Whisper white is a glossy cardstock and makes cloud sponging easy.

I use window sheets 114323 to create the "edge of the clouds." I have several templates so my clouds look more individual. I used several of my scalloped scissors to create arcs, the 2-3/8 inch scalloped circle punch, my Big Shot scalloped circle, and two are just random shaped clouds that I hand cut with normal scissors. Then I use Jet Black Stazon Pad 101406 to ink the edges. Without the inked edges, you will find it hard to place the clear sheet.

Then I stamp a treeline silhoutte across it — but wait, I use a special technique I want to share.

Lovely As A Tree 115026 makes a lovely border, I have a much older treeline, but the technique would be the same.

Using the brush end of a marker, or using an Aqua Painter pen with a stamp pad in dark brown (chocochip) ink only ONE tree on the end and the grass mound around it.

I stamp the left tree on the rubber stamp onto the right edge of the 3 by 5 card. Quickly I add Clear Stampin’ Emboss Powder 109130. And then a tree on the right side of the rubber stamp gets stamped onto the left edge of the card, but a fraction above or below where I stamped the other tree, again coat with the embossing powder. Now I stamp the whole stamp between the two a fraction above both. Add the embossing powder, then use my Heat Tool 100005 to set the powder.

I like it to be balanced, but not perfectly so. I don’t worry about perfectly lining it up I just sort of eye it where it looks right.

Finally I sponge the ground in, or color with aqua pen/ink pad or markers. This is really according to the amount of creativity left in me.

Then I stack the card on the mat/s and position it according to my mood somewhere on the front. Sometimes on the top left, sometimes on the bottom right.

Embellishments are always a ribbon, sometimes a bow or a knot. then flowers or a hand stamped butterfly mounted 3D.


My favorite scripture for the resurrection is Job 14: 7-9, 14 & 15. The thought that God longs to reunite us with our loved ones is so appealing.

I’ve created a template in .pdf for you for the inside. I have textured, or bond paper 8-1/2 by 11 inches I load into my printer and print a few copies. Then cut it down to size 7 by 10 inches. (using the template, cut 1-1/2 inches off the right & 1 inch off the bottom.)

At this point, I write the inside BEFORE I glue it. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to say what I want. So I make sure it is okay before the next step. Then I stamp more butterflies and flowers inside.

Snail glue just above the fold on the cardstock, and push into place. If you aren’t too good about lining up the edges, use a re-positionable glue. In the past, I’d put the 10 inch side of the cardstock onto a table, then the folded insert and slide the two together to align edges easier. Then I discovered that if I fold the insert, and leave the cardstock fully open, I could place the insert in and fold the top down to align it. — lol, sometimes I think I’m too complicated.

Envelope: Stamp butterflies on the front and back in a nice pattern.


Job 14 insert template in .pdf

I also discovered that if you use Stampin’ Up Basic Pearls Jewel Accents 119247, you can color them with the marker, and make them match. Love it! Here are some close ups:

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2-3/8 Inch Scallop Circle Punch 118874
Flower Fest 122278 OR Flower Fest 122280

Tutorial Flower Fest Pop-up Card


New tutorial! When the new stamp set came out in the Summer Mini, I knew I had to have it.

I love making pop-up cards, especially if they are a total surprise to the recipient.

Flower fest large flower hides the seams, and visually you see the flower not the folds, etc.

If you purchase the punch and a stamp set from me, I’ll mail you a FINISHED pop-up card so you can make one while looking at a finished model. Plus I’ll throw in a surprise.

To make the card, you need
2-3/8 Inch Scallop Circle Punch 118874
Flower Fest 122278 OR Flower Fest 122280

cardstock, inks, mini glue dots.

One version also uses the 2 step bird punch with punch potpourri (I can’t stop using that cute bird!) the other version uses the butterfly punch. But the flower fest butterfly can easily be cut with scissors.

I would love a donation, as my hubby is looking at this, rolling eyes as to how long it took to create the tutorial. It took me making three (3) cards to get all the details. If each person gave $1 it would tell Mark how much you appreciate it. (I want to add a pop-up tutorial each month to this blog.)

Tips jar is on the side bar.

Download tutorial, part 1 and 2 here:


by adding more flowers (9, 12, 15) you can create an scrapbook page!

Try stamping different ink colors, or using different papers.


In a hurry, hand made cards – last chance!

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Grab a Simply Sent Card Kit! Add a stamped sentiment, an embellishment or two, Voila! Beautiful Hand Made card!!!

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